Our Story




Based out of Secaucus, NJ, Glenmore Management LLC is a mid-sized full service property ownership, development, and management company focused on growing our business and providing top level service to our tenants. We currently own and operate approximately 450,000 square feet of retail, residential, office, and industrial buildings throughout the New York / New Jersey area, and are constantly looking to grow our presence within our core market.


Throughout Glenmore Management LLC’s existence, we have continued to utilize the same values as our founding members have employed for the last 30 years; respect for all our stakeholders, value driven investing, and conservative growth. Whether high end apartments, retail centers, or more economical warehouses, we provide value, expertise, and most importantly a friendly partner whose goal is to exceed our tenants’ expectations. Specializing in deals that require a value added component, such as an unfinished construction or largely vacant buildings, through the diligent effort and expertise of our team we are able to bring a project to fruition in a manner that provides both the return our investors need and the service our tenants require. We believe our developments should make sense in today’s world and will not undertake any project that depends on a promise of future market appreciation.
As active buyers in the marketplace, we would welcome any information regarding properties that fit into our investing philosophy.

Glenmore Management LLC actively manages all of our own properties. This allows us to best serve our customers and continue to place a strong emphasis on not only building a project, but making sure it remains successful throughout its life. We constantly work with individuals to maximize the value of our services, from providing residential tenants with discounts at local businesses to helping commercial tenants grow their business by providing customized solutions to the particularities of a tenant’s unique situation. Without the help and satisfaction of our tenants we can never prosper as a business, and that is a lesson we preach to our staff every day.